Deliver unsurpassed email filtering performance

Bloxx offer a range of deployment options to fully support and seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure – granting network wide email filtering with minimal disruption.

Typically, the Bloxx Email Filter requires minimal changes to your network and messaging configurations and we offer a range of options to fully support and integrate into your existing infrastructure with minimal disruption. 

Discover our multiple deployment options

We provide a range of deployment options, including Hardware and Virtual.
Fully supporting and integrating with your existing infrastructure, Bloxx ensures minimal disruption.

Hardware Deployment

With our on premise Hardware you will benefit from complete scalability.

Virtual Deployment

Bloxx Email Virtual appliances deliver optimal performance in virtual environments.

Why Filter Email with Bloxx?

  • Rapid Integration

    Whichever Deployment route you choose, The Bloxx Email Filter provides tight integration with your existing network.


  • Supports Directory Structures

    Bloxx supports directory structures such as Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory and is imported automatically via the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), ensuring all valid email addresses are automatically protected. NT Authentication and Open/IP Mapped Authentication are also supported.

  • Hardware or Virtual Deployment

    Supporting VMware, Bloxx Email virtual appliances deliver optimal performance in virtual environments whilst integrating seamlessly into your virtual infrastructure

  • Multiple Authentication

    Bloxx delivers the capability to work with many different authentication mechanisms including Radius, Kerberos, NTLM, Cookie & eDirectory, to simplify single and multi-site deployments.


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