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With Bloxx eCampus, we have created interactive and easily consumable content to support your knowledge transfer and Bloxx accreditation process.

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Your Bloxx subscription includes training for your entire team on everything Bloxx - to build expertise in your business.

With busy work schedules structured training sessions are sometimes not an option. That’s why we have developed our online training portal, allowing you to dip in and dip out of training with real time access to the latest web filtering resources.

Our training modules encompass video and audio content - but don’t panic - for those of you who want it there are also fully detailed technical documents.

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Meet the eCampus Alumni

  • “Enjoyed the training, as it explained everything very well and the demonstrations were spot on.” 
    Antony Cornick, Cambian Group
  • “The training modules were great!  For someone new into technology it would have been easy to be overwhelmed.”
    Ken Schoonover, Douglas Stewart

  • "Bloxx training was a godsend…it was clear and concise.” 
    Kris Kilmore, John Smeaton Academy

  • "As a complete novice to Bloxx I thought it was very interesting and I think it has prepared me very well for using Bloxx on a daily basis.” 
    Barry Oosterbosch, North Lanarkshire Council

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