Zero second protection safeguarding your users

Bloxx Secure Web Gateway (SWG) provides unsurpassed web filtering software protection against inappropriate content and advanced gateway security to safeguard your users and minimize web-based security threats.

Underpinned by our proven Tru-View Technology, Bloxx SWG combines the most technologically advanced Threat Detection Engine with best of breed Real Time & SSL Content Filtering, Simplified BYOD and Mobile Device Filtering, Anonymous Proxy Blocking, Social Media Controls and File Download Management just as a starter for 10!

Real-Time Content Filtering

Zero second protection. Fact.

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HTTPS/SSL Inspection

Eradicate sophisticated SSL borne threats.

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Anonymous Proxy Defence

Real-time anonymous proxy elimination.

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Mobile Device & BYOD

Mobile content filtering for any device.

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Social Media Control

Social media policies that deliver controlled, safe and productive access.

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Flexible & Granular Reporting

Proactive, detailed and informative usage reports.

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Advanced Gateway Protection

The most advanced threat detection.

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Discover our Multiple Deployment Options

We provide a range of deployment options, including Hardware and Virtual.
Fully supporting and integrating with your existing infrastructure, Bloxx ensures minimal disruption.

Hardware Deployment

With our on premise Hardware you will benefit from complete scalability.

Virtual Deployment

Bloxx Web virtual appliances deliver optimal performance in virtual environment

Bloxx Tru-View Technology

Bloxx Tru-View Technology (TVT), utilizes patented language analysis and intelligent identification techniques to perform real-time content categorization to radically improve online protection and security.

So, no more relying on offline databases and no more critical database updates. Just filter the content in real-time and let your users (and your team) get to work.

Our internationally patented technology currently filters 800 million devices across the globe – a statistic that speaks for itself!

More about Tru-View Technology

Full HTTPS inspection is taking place, and TVT is killing the proxy sites. Our Web filtering is the best it’s ever been.

Larry Fullmer

Network Administrator, Chino Valley


Learn more about our Secure Web Gateway and the key features that help you provide a safe and productive learning and work environment for your users.

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