Choose the right deployment option ensuring minimal disruption

Bloxx offer a range of deployment solutions to fully support and seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure – granting network wide filtering with minimal disruption.

Whether it’s your space or ours – We have a range of deployment options that deliver unsurpassed filtering performance.

Why Bloxx?

Bloxx delivers unsurpassed flexibility to scale with your network and we work with you to ensure comprehensive resilience planning and configuration.

  • Complete Scalability

    Advanced clustering & dedicated reporting solutions are just two ways Bloxx filtering can scale to efficiently meet your future infrastructure and data retention requirements.

  • Unwavering Resilience

    Guarantee business as usual with our resilient deployments, including Load Balanced, High Availability and Cold Standby options.  

  • Dedicated Reporting Appliances

    Bloxx Web Reporting Appliances ensure that you can define and create the largest reports at any time, even during peak traffic loads.

Web Filter

Learn more about our Web Filter Solution.

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Secure Web Gateway

Learn more about our Secure Web Gateway Solution.

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Learn more about our deployment options to help you provide a safe and productive environment for your users.

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