Safe, collaborative and productive learning and work environments.

Technological innovation is what drives us. Whether it’s developing patented technologies or utilising technological advances to better shape and deploy our solutions.

The relentless and evolving online threat landscape, in which we all inhabit, is what underpins Bloxx’s earnest commitment to continuous research & development. A worthy commitment - given that our technology currently filters 800 million devices globally to deliver safe, collaborate and productive learning and work environments.

Protecting 800 million devices across the globe

TVT from Bloxx is the only technology that lets you keep pace with the growth of the web.

Watch the video and learn how real time web filtering safeguards your business against the fast evolving online threat landscape.

Delivering a safe, collaborative and productive learning and work environment

Bloxx Tru-View Sheild
  • Eliminate Latency

    Accurate filtering at the point of request across all content categories 

  • Patented Technology

    Tru-View Technology (TVT) was the first real-time contextual content analysis solution on the market

  • Advanced Content Analysis

    Unbeatable contextual categorisation, ensuring accuracy and reducing over and under-blocking

  • Zero-Second Protection

    For new and modified webpages in their entirety – not just the url

Web filter

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Email filter

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Learn more about our Tru-View Technology and how it will help you provide a safe and productive environment for your users.

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