Prevent inappropriate content reaching your users.

Monitoring and filtering web content has never been straightforward, however it’s becoming more and more challenging against the backdrop of a rapidly changing online environment and constantly evolving online threat landscape.

Real-time Content Filtering is a key component of any robust Cyber Security strategy and is the only mechanism to prevent inappropriate content presenting itself to your users.


Real-Time Filtering the Bloxx way





  • Genuine Real-Time Filtering Experts

    Bloxx Tru-View Technology (TVT), utilises patented language analysis and intelligent identification techniques to perform real-time content categorisation to radically improve online protection and security.

    So, no more relying on offline databases and no more critical database updates. Just filter the content in real-time and let your users (and your team) get to work. 

    Our internationally patented technology currently filters 800 million devices across the globe – a statistic that speaks for itself!

  • Ubiquitous, Zero Second Protection

    TVT operates in real-time, 24/7 to deliver dynamic content analysis and categorisation for ubiquitous web filtering. On average, it takes just a few milliseconds to classify the content.

  • Outperforms Database Reliant Filters

    Rather than being reliant on database updates or out-of-date lists, TVT effectively categorises the vast amount of new content on the web, content that databases are not yet aware of!

Customised Filtering for Your Environment

Tailor the Bloxx content filter for your organisation with the Bloxx Sensitivity Manager. Adjust the sensitivity of Tru-View Technology for each content category – depending on your organisation’s level of tolerance to the content in question. Furthermore you can easily create custom ‘allow or deny’ lists to provide further customisation.

Multilingual Filtering

Tru-View is unlike any other real-time content filtering technology by providing the capability to classify non-English web content. Languages supported include – Dutch, Danish, Spanish and German.

Are you limited by a legacy filtering solution? Here’s where Bloxx outperforms the rest!

Here’s where Bloxx outperforms the rest!

1st & 2nd Gen Web Filters Bloxx Tru-View Technology
URL databases, no matter how large they are, provide only limited coverage of the Web. TVT automatically analyses and categorises requested URLs not included in the optimised Bloxx URL database, providing greatly improved coverage of the Web.
URL databases focus on top level domains so content on individual Web pages are not usually categorised individually. This means that inappropriate content or non-business content can easily slip through. TVT categorises not just the top level domain page but any page on a website that is requested. This improves the granularity of filtering and reduces risk.
New web pages which may not be listed in a URL database are easily accessible and often need to be manually added to a deny list to block access. It doesn't matter what Bloxx category the page belongs to – shopping, violence, travel, anonymous proxies – TVT controls it with minimal effort from you.
New Websites and Web pages need to be discovered and categorised before being added to a URL database – this could be days, week or several months after a Website is launched or new pages added. TVT automatically categorises pages – even if no one has seen the content before – giving you outstanding zero-second protection.
URLs in a URL database are seldom re-classified. If the site content changes then the site may be mis-categorised and available to your users. When the content on a site changes, TVT will analyse and categorise the site into the appropriate Bloxx category.


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