Instant visibility of what’s happening across your network, users and devices

With Bloxx Web Filtering you get instant visibility of what’s happening across your network, users and devices from comprehensive dashboards. 

For more granular information our encircling reporting capabilities mean that you are only ever a click away from a wealth of detailed data including internet usage, bandwidth & content categorisation – right down to individual user level. 

Reporting the Bloxx Way

  • Template Reporting – Ready To Go

    Template based reporting provides a suite of pre-defined reports encompassing the most frequently requested and insightful data. You can then update your filtering policies with a single click.

  • Gain even deeper insights with our Customised Reports

    Build on our templates to create bespoke reports, creating precise documentation on the information you require surrounding your organisation’s and users’ web usage.

  • Proactive Search Alerts - Identify ‘high-risk’ user behaviour

    Bloxx Search Alerts enables you to configure search terms that, when used on your network, will trigger a notification. Specific terms or words can be configured to activate a notification which will be instantly highlighted to a member of staff – not just IT! For example, in a school environment a staff member responsible for student welfare may be notified of searches on drugs or anorexia.

  • Permission based Access

    Reporting permissions can be delegated to users by an authorised administrator to enable transparency across your network and shared administration load across many departments.

  • Simple and Automated Scheduling

    Reports can be scheduled and automated allowing for daily, weekly or monthly reports to be created and delivered via email, removing the need to log in and run reports every day.

  • Integrate with external reporting systems

    You can connect the reporting databases to a range of external databases, including MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

  • Dedicated Reporting Appliance

    Bloxx also provide a dedicated Web Reporting appliance that ensures that you can define and create even the largest reports at any time even during peak traffic loads. You also have the ability to centrally manage your solution and create single unified reports based on web requests across your entire network.


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