Block access to proxy sites in real time

With thousands of new proxy bypass sites created every day, legacy techniques such as updating a vendor’s static URL list or simple keyword page scanning, no longer provides adequate protection for your network or users. The only viable way to detect and block access to proxy bypass sites is at the point-of-request and in real-time.

Anonymous Proxy Defence the Bloxx way

Tru view sheild

  • Zero Second Protection with Unsurpassed/Best in class Detection Rates

    Bloxx Tru-View Technology (TVT) uses advanced contextual language techniques to accurately identify and block access to proxy sites in real-time that other web filters miss. With SSL content inspection, even encrypted proxy sites are easily blocked. And for extra protection, TVT uses sophisticated de-obfuscation techniques to identify and block hidden proxy sites.

  • Multi-layered Filtering for Fail-Safe Protection

    Many web filters, UTM’s and NGF’s fail to identify and block access to a proxy site. With Bloxx that won’t happen. Our technology performs multi-layered filtering to analyse and categorise requested web pages and then applies the user’s normal filtering policy.

  • Eliminate Time Consuming Manual Identification and Blocking

    Bloxx unrivalled automatic identification and blocking of anonymous proxies requires no timely resource allocation from the IT department, freeing up your time for more important tasks.

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