Protection for your network, users and data

The Bloxx Secure Web Gateway incorporates Sophos Genotype technology to deliver ultimate levels of gateway protection from the latest security threats including the most advanced threats to your network, endpoints and users.


Advanced Gateway Security the Bloxx way





  • Superior, Proactive Malware Detection from Sophos

    Sophos’s Behavioural Genotype technology provides immediate, zero-day protection from over 80% of emerging threats and has been recognised by independent tests as the best proactive anti-malware technology available. 

  • Zero-second Protection Without Signature Updates

    Sophos’s Genotype technology uses advanced detection techniques that detect 80% of new malware without the need for updated signatures. The Sophos Threat Detection Engine includes detection for all forms of malware, viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, scareware and dynamic web content such as malicious JavaScript.

  • Fast Protection from the Latest Security Threats.

    Sophos Labs security researchers work around the clock to collect, correlate and analyse data to stay ahead of the latest security threats. 


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