Up to the minute protection against the most advanced threats

With email viruses becoming more sophisticated every day, you need advanced protection to safeguard your email infrastructure and endpoint devices.

Bloxx Email Filter offers advanced security and protection that gives up-to-the-minute gateway protection against the latest email threats.


Advanced Malware Protection the Bloxx Way






  • Minimise Endpoint Infections

    Bloxx Email Filter uses advanced anti-virus technology that scans inbound and outbound email attachments, delivering a solid defence to protect endpoints from being infected by malware.  Additional enhanced protection is also available by adding Sophos Anti-Malware.

  • Block Phishing Attacks

    Bloxx Email Filter uses sophisticated anti-phishing technology that scans each email to accurately identify and block phishing emails.

  • Identify Spyware

    Bloxx Email Filter delivers bi-directional blocking of inbound and outbound emails with spyware links.

  • Categorisation

    Some malware is more likely to be associated with content categories such as Adult and Gaming , Bloxx has a patented world leading categorisation solution that allows you to identify these categories of content and block or quarantine them.


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