Flexible policy management and devolved administration

Bloxx Email Filter offers dynamic dashboards to provide you with the autonomy and data you need to quickly and simply manage your email filter. 

Email Administration the Bloxx way







  • Rapid Network Integration

    Bloxx Email Filter supports directory structures such as Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory to ensure all valid email addresses are automatically protected.

  • Instantaneous Search

    With Bloxx you can instantly search all of your inbound and outbound mails, whether by user, group or organisation. You can also easily view all email-status such as delivered, delayed or blocked.

  • Flexible Policy management

    You can easily create multiple groups and email policies, each with varying access rights - even for those with multiple email addresses or with businesses operating more than one domain.

  • Fully Supported TLS

    To provide further peace of mind and complete security over your network, Bloxx fully supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) for secure email communication.

  • Flexible Quarantine

    Bloxx Email Filter allows your users to quickly identify and release emails held in quarantine – ensuring that no critical communications are misplaced. Individual users also have the ability to whitelist their own trusted email sources.

  • Devolved administration

    Bloxx pre-defined role-based administration policies allow you to quickly provide controlled and auditable management of the Email Filter.


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