Deliver unsurpassed protection against spam

Bloxx Email Filter utilises real-time content categorisation going far beyond traditional filtering to deliver multi-layered filtering for unsurpassed levels of protection against spam.

Our advanced Email Filter delivers multilayer spam protection and is further reinforced by our patented real-time categorisation engine Tru-View Technology (TVT) allowing organisations to control email use, and enhance productivity.


Real-Time Email Filtering the Bloxx Way



  • Encompassing Email Filtering

    Bloxx real-time content analysis and email categorisation analyses the top-level domain of the sending email address, URL links contained in the email and body text to provide additional spam detection.

  • Increase Productivity

    TVT automatically categorises inbound and outbound emails into pre-defined content categories making it easier for you to manage non-business emails and increase user productivity.

  • Automatic Policy Assignment

    Once categorised, emails can be managed by a policy that blocks, allows or delays the delivery of the email.


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