Keep your email compliant and reduce legal risk

Bloxx Image Analysis lets you quickly monitor and identify if your email system is being used to distribute pornographic content, giving you the detailed information you need to proactively deal with any potential issues.  

Bloxx Image Analysis delivers advanced pornographic image detection capabilities to help organisations monitor and enforce their image policy and educate employees on appropriate use and potential risks.

Image Analysis the Bloxx Way




  • Gain Visibility and Mitigate Risk

    Image Analysis scans the composition of every image traveling through your email gateway to determine if it is pornographic in nature. It uses sophisticated real-time composition analysis to reliably distinguish between pornographic and non-pornographic images.

  • Identify High Risk Users

    Emails that contain high risk images are logged, allowing you to quickly identify and report on users who may be sending or receiving high risk images.

  • Educate Users about the Organisation’s Policy

    Where a risky image is detected, Image Analysis can be configured to block, quarantine or to send an email to the sender to remind them of the organisation’s acceptable image policy.

  • Accurate Detection

    Bloxx Image Analysis uses advanced multi-layered detection techniques to deliver accurate detection and low false positives.


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