Rapidly investigate breaches in your email policy

Bloxx Email Filter provides a comprehensive email reporting capability that allows you to quickly create high-level or detailed reports on spam email and email usage. Reports can be customised and distributed automatically via email.

Email Reporting the Bloxx way







  • Summary & Detailed Reporting

    Summary reports provide a great overview of all aspects of your organisation’s email data and usage. And for a more granular report, easily drill down into the data to identify specific users, time periods & activity to rapidly identify problems.

  • Comprehensive Dashboards

    Instantly view activity across all your email accounts to quickly identify problem domains and users.

  • Identify Problematic Accounts

    You can easily search and retrieve information to help you understand trends, investigate breaches in policies, and determine security risks.

  • Audit Trail

    A fully configurable audit trail of inbound and outbound emails containing sender and receiver information is available. Each log entry is time stamped and includes full information such as date, sender, recipient, subject, category and action taken.

  • Quarantine Notifications

    Automatically notify users about quarantined emails to reduce the risk of blocking legitimate email messages. Users can optionally view the quarantined email or release it if it’s from a trusted source. They can also be whitelisted, reducing the administration burden.


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