Reduce risk and easily separate the junk from productive emails

Bloxx Email Filter uses multi-layered detection and content categorisation engines to identify and block spam and phishing emails, delivering outstanding protection for your network and users. With frequent spam signature database updates, Bloxx anti-spam filter provides up to the minute protection against new and emerging spam attacks.

Advanced Spam Filtering the Bloxx Way




  • Dynamic real-time content analysis

    Bloxx patented content categorisation engine Tru-View Technology (TVT), provides another layer of defence against spam that traditional spam engines may find difficult to identify and block. By analysing the sending domain and any URLs in the email body, TVT is uniquely able to accurately categorise spam emails.

  • Eliminate spam with low false positives

    Bloxx Email Filter contains multi-engine, multi-layered anti-spam technology that delivers unsurpassed levels of spam detection, the lowest false positive rates in the industry, the fastest throughput available and the most comprehensive language cover with little or no ongoing management. Moreover, automatic spam engine and signature database updates delivers zero-minute protection against new and emerging spam attacks.

  • Eliminate 95% of spam before it reaches your network

    To minimise the load on your messaging infrastructure, Bloxx Email Filter uses sophisticated and configurable edge connection analysis techniques to block the vast majority of spam based on the email header information alone.


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