Knowing your IT Security risks: Social Media & BYOD

Technology moves fast and with technology interlinked more than ever within education, we need to keep up!

With this in mind, Bloxx designed an education survey alongside publication and leading thinkers, Education Technology, helping the sector gain insight into IT security. From the risks they face to where and how, these can be minimised - the survey aims to identify where progress has been made over the last year and where the crucial IT Security efforts should be in 2016.

Charles Sweeney, Bloxx CEO outlined in an article for Education Technology, the various key risk areas as well as how the survey looks to engage with them.

Firstly, social media represents one of the biggest challenges to IT security especially in schools, the flexibility and ability to adjust is critical, as Charles highlights;

 “Pupils are becoming savvier at finding their way around firewalls and create vast amounts of content and data on multiple platforms. Teachers are also using social media more than ever. Are institutions regularly revisiting their IT strategy to ensure they are putting the best measures in place to stay ahead in this area? Are their policies up to date and do both teachers and students understand the risks of social media? Being willing to adapt and respond to the environment comes first; taking the right steps comes next. “

Closely nested beside Social Media is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), personal devices are an ever growing communication and collaboration tool within education, to which there is no escape. ITProPortal reported that children are bringing 3.2bn worth of tech to school this autumn from tablets to watches, both students and teachers are bringing in new devices. Charles indicated the unfortunate reality of this growth is, new devices mean new risks…

 “But with BYOD now a largely accepted culture, how is security more vulnerable? Personal devices make an organisation’s IT infrastructure more complex – for example, students gaining access to a school’s intranet through their phone network (instead of the local WiFi) can cause serious security breaches and compliance issues. It’s simple maths – the more devices, the higher the threat. With more advanced types of devices pegged for release in the future, outdated IT legacy systems will struggle to respond. Updating these systems will be key to meeting the challenges of this new environment.“

You can read the full article here.

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