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The home nations are sadly out but with the semi-finals and final coming up have you thought about how much time may be wasted by employees browsing the latest Rugby World Cup scores? Or angry Scottish fans persistently googling Craig Joubert the infamous referee?

Time wasting can have a detrimental effect upon company performance, in monetary terms, not to mention a reduced focus on business-critical tasks.

Bloxx tackles productivity draining content:

Bloxx robust multi-layer filtering solution ensures you can stop time-wasters in their tracks and, if we were to divulge in (another) Rugby analogy, it would be safe to say our Tru-View Technology is as challenging as facing the All Blacks scrum!

 Social Media Controls

o   Regulate and monitor access – including blocking comments, applying time quotas or enforcing read-only permission

Time-based quotas

o   Control the time spent on specified sites, for instance sports and shopping sites can be limited to a maximum of one hour per day – which can be restricted to lunch/break times

SSL Intercept

o   Decrypt and inspect SSL and HTTPS traffic with Bloxx’s mature technology

Don’t leave your users on the blind side

With Bloxx you can frequently and easily inform users of your Acceptable User Policy (AUP) – and ensure their online activity doesn’t get them sin binned.  Moreover you can report on all AUP acceptances to ensure you remain compliant (and don’t get penalised…)

Want to know more? Download our top five tips for creating and implementing an AUP.

Whether you need to improve productivity, eradicate anonymous proxies or ensure compliance. With Bloxx solutions and services you’ll always come out on top.

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