Bloxx enable Loughborough Endowed Schools to achieve the highest level of e-safety standards

Based in Loughborough, Leicestershire Loughborough Endowed Schools attract over 2,100 students and 600 staff.

The schools are at the cutting edge of technological innovations but were experiencing limited throughput with their previous web filter. This was restraining their plans to introduce an ambitious 1:1 rollout of tablet computers for all teachers and staff.

However, ever since deploying a Bloxx web filtering solution, the schools have been able to remain at the forefront of digital learning.

As Richard Smeeton, Director of IT at Loughborough Endowed schools remarks:

“Having the Bloxx solution has enabled us to roll out a tablet for every pupil, along with a new tablet-optimised managed learning environment which is used in all our schools. We’ve also improved and validated our e-safety.”

Due to the intuitive nature of the Bloxx Web Filter, the advantages aren’t restricted to the IT team but can also benefit other members of staff.  As Richard outlines, the reporting application is used both by the IT team and staff involved with e-safety at the school:

“Logs are reviewed on a weekly basis. We work with the schools’ e-safety committees to ensure that a consistent and safe approach is taken.”

It’s thanks to features such as the flexible reporting appliance that Loughborough High School has achieved the highest level of e-safety standards

“Loughborough High School has been accredited with the 360 Degree Safe e-safety Mark, which recognises schools for meeting the highest standards in IT safety on criteria including policy and leadership, infrastructure, education and monitoring. Following a rigorous independent audit, the school was commended for the successful implementation of keyword filtering to prevent pupils from viewing inappropriate content. We’re now working towards achieving 360 Degree Safe e-safety accreditation for the other schools in our Foundation.”

Read more about the benefits the schools have experienced since deploying a Bloxx web Filter here.  

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