Bloxx Web Filter

With over 7.5 million new or updated Web pages being created every day and Google indexing at least 1.3 Trillion URLs. First and second generation Web filters relying solely on URL lists and keyword scanning are now obsolete and no longer provide the real-time protection organizations require to manage the risks presented by the Web. Whether it is employee productivity being reduced as a result of personal Web browsing, malware being delivered onto the network by seemingly “safe” sites, or users viewing inappropriate content, the Internet can present real risks to organizations. That’s why you need a dynamic Web filtering solution with genuine real-time content analysis which can effectively address these risks.

Dynamic real-time Web content filtering with Gateway Malware protection

The Bloxx Web Filter, available as on premise hardware appliance, on premise virtual appliances or as hybrid cloud, is the only Web content filter available that provides genuine real-time content analysis at the point of request across all content categories.

The Bloxx Web Filter provides unsurpassed Web content filtering and protection against inappropriate and productivity-impacting Web pages and includes malware protection as standard to minimize Web-based security threats.

The Bloxx Web Filter will:

  • Reduce risk
  • Improve security
  • Increase user productivity
  • Reduce IT management time
  • Increase compliance
  • Reduce costs

Genuine real-time Web content filtering for zero-second protection

The Bloxx Web Filter uses a patented, unique content analysis and categorization engine, Tru-view Technology (TVT), to accurately identify 50 categories of Web content in real-time at the point the Web page is requested. This approach eliminates latency, reduces over- and under-blocking and delivers zero-second filtering and protection for new or modified Web pages. Find out more about why you need genuine real-time Web content filtering.

Gateway Anti-Malware for Extra Protection

The Web is now the predominate source for malware, and thousands of new malicious URLs are discovered every hour, with 90% of these hosted on legitimate sites that have been compromised. That’s why you need to stop threats at your gateway before these reach endpoint browsers. The Bloxx Web Filter incorporates anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-phishing as standard and at no extra cost, giving you additional gateway-level protection. Find out more about malware protection.

Driving down your Web Content Filtering Costs

With no nasty cost-per-user licence fees, no hidden extras and our unique Hardware Refresh programme, the Bloxx Web Filter can significantly reduce your Web filtering costs without you having to compromise on functionality or performance.

Spend Less Time Managing Web Filtering

The Bloxx Web Filter is simple and straightforward to configure and manage so you will dramatically reduce the time you spend managing Web filtering.

With different options for deployment and clustering, redundancy and dedicated Web Reporting appliances for larger networks, the Bloxx Web Filter will integrate easily with your network and directory services. Find out more about how the Bloxx Web Filter fits into your network.