Bloxx Email Filtering

Bloxx has redefined email filtering; its new generation of anti-spam appliances don't just deliver outstanding spam protection but manage personal, non-business email to make email productive again.

Bloxx Email Filtering: a new generation of anti-spam appliances to make email productive again

An industry first, the Bloxx Email Filter isn't just a spam filter - it's the first email content filtering appliance that enables you to increase user email productivity by effectively managing non-business emails.

An estimated 50% of emails processed by corporate email servers are non-business related and this can have a dramatic impact on staff productivity and efficiency. The Bloxx Email Filter, with its unique real-time categorization of email, goes far beyond traditional spam email filters letting you quickly and effectively manage non-business emails, manage an email Acceptable Use Policy and increase user productivity.

  • Categorize inbound and outbound emails into business and non-business and create flexible block or delay policies.
  • Minimize interruptions and distractions due to non-business emails, keeping staff on task and maximizing productivity.
  • Block and filter spam email with multiple spam engines, multi-layered protection and real-time content categorization, providing unsurpassed levels of protection against spam.
  • Reduce infrastructure load by blocking spam at the network edge and managing non-business emails.
  • Block malware and phishing emails with multiple anti-virus engines.
  • Maintain a full audit trail of all inbound and outbound email in an easily searchable Activity Log.
  • Archive, search and retrieve emails to meet regulatory, e-Discovery and compliance requirements.
  • Protect against data leakage by analyzing outbound emails and blocking specific file attachments.
  • Quickly create comprehensive and automated email reports viewable in any Web browser with easy drill down to identify and report on specific problems, domains or users.
  • Reduce IT management time with a simple and clear user interface, tight integration with LDAP and role-based administration.

Email Filtering – Redefined.