Appliance specifications

Unlike other web filtering companies, we don't believe in recurring, cost-per-user or concurrent-user software licensing fees. Instead, Bloxx pricing is based on the total number of devices on your network with potential Internet access, giving you maximum value for money and significantly reducing your Web filtering and security costs.

Bloxx Web Filtering and Security appliances are specified to effectively handle the actual and likely potential web traffic load for the total number of connected devices on your network.

Bloxx appliances are available as hardware appliances or software appliances for VMware, VSphere and Microsoft HyperV.

Which model do I need?

Choose a Bloxx Web Filter or Secure Web Gateway based on the size of your network.

Network SizeBloxx Web Filter Model
< 100 PCs 100W/S
100-250 PCs 250W/S
250-500 PCs 500W/S
500-1,250 PCs 1250W/S
1,250-1,750 PCs 1750W/S
1,750-2,500 PCs Impresa-1W/S
2,500-4,000 PCs Impresa-3W/S
c. 7,000 PCs Impresa-5W/S
c. 10,000 PCs Impresa-7W/S