About Bloxx

Established in 1999, Bloxx is a true pioneer in the development and support of sophisticated web and email filtering technology. At Bloxx we aspire to develop progressive technology to foster productive and secure online environments - all without impacting innovation, education or creativity.

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Why do you need real-time filtering?

The volume of new digital content is increasing so rapidly, it has the potential to overwhelm us all… And the producers of inappropriate content are getting smarter too. 

Tru-View Technology from Bloxx is the only technology that lets you keep pace with the growth of the web by delivering genuine real-time content filtering. 

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Real-time content filtering

Bloxx is driven by innovation - that's why our technology currently helps secure over 800 million devices across the globe.

Real-Time Content Filtering

Zero second protection. Fact.

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HTTPS/SSL Inspection

Eradicate sophisticated SSL borne threats.

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Anonymous Proxy Defence

Real-time anonymous proxy elimination.

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Gateway Protection

The most advanced threat detection.

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Mobile Device & BYOD

Mobile data security for any device

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Social Media Control

Social media policies that deliver controlled, safe online environments

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Flexible & Granular Reporting

Proactive, detailed and informative web usage reporting.

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Web Filter

Learn more about our Web Filter and Secure Web Gateway solutions.

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Email Filter

Learn more about our Email Filter solution.

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